Bank of Hamilton 1904 $10 #192547 CH-345-18-04 PMG CH F15 Net. Extremely appealing note designated Net with right upper corner missing. Only 6 examples known with 2 being hed in the Bank of Canada collection. This same banknote was sold in July 2012 at an RCNA show auction where it realized $5,200. The market for rare chartered banknotes has imorived much since then and this banknotes Charlton value is $9,000 in

F-12 and $16,000 in VF-20 Thus a F-15 is $12,500. (please take note of the corner damege) This iexample hasnt ever been available since the 2012 auction.

Bank of Hamilton 345-18-04 1904 $10 PMG F-15 F/VF (Sm corner missing)

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